Tortellini and Fresh Mozzerella Kabobs

I am a huge fan of fresh mozzarella and pasta...this is a great way to get my fix on a stick!
Wonderful and impressive to bring to a party and they travel well. Bring a side of pesto to drizzle over skewers before serving. Can also be made several days in advance.
  • cherry tomatoes (figure 2 per skewer)
  • fresh mozzarella cut into 1 inch cubes (careful not to cut to small or they will not thread easily)
  • fresh tortellini cooked to al dente
  • bamboo skewers
Thread order: tomato, mozzarella cube, 3 tortellini's, mozzarella and tomato. I have found that having the tomato at the base and the end of the skewar helps hold the pasta and cheese together.
Drizzled with Pesto

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